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The orders of bodies exercising state control (supervision) in the sphere of education, reports on the implementation of such prescriptions

Regulations on the forms, periodicity and order of current monitoring of academic performance and intermediate certification of students

Regulations on the procedure for registration, appearance, suspension and termination of the relationship between the educational organization and the trainees and (or) parents (legal representatives) of underage students  


Учредительные документы

Charter of the North Caucasus State Institute of Arts (8961.2 Kb)
Supplements to the Articles of Association (2838.7 Kb)
Changes in the charter (4082 Kb)
Certificate of state accreditation
License for the right to conduct educational activities
Приказ о государственной аккредитации (магистратура, ассистентура-стажировка) (204.4 Kb)
ОГРН (761.5 Kb)
ИНН (805.7 Kb)
Распоряжение Правительства РФ от 31.07.1992г. "1398-р о преобразовании Нальчикского филиала Воронежского института искусств в Северо-Кавказский государственный институт искусств (122.3 Kb)
Постановление Бюро ОБКОМа КПСС и Совета Министров Кабардино Балкарской АССР об открытии в г.Нальчике филиала Воронежского института искусств и училища культуры и искусств (219.6 Kb)
Приказ о назначении ректора (431 Kb)


Regulation on the offset of the results of training in separate disciplines (modules) and (or) individual practices for persons studying in the basic educational programs of higher education (1383.7 Kb)
Regulations on the College of Culture and Arts of the North Caucasus State Institute of Arts (503.7 Kb)
Отчет о выполнении государственного задания (2018) (874.5 Kb)
Сведения о проведённых контрольных мероприятиях и их результатах (734.2 Kb)
Правила внутреннего трудового и учебного распорядка СКГИИ с внесёнными изменениями 2016г. (3422 Kb)
Кодекс профессиональной этики (2213.6 Kb)
Сводная ведомость результатов проведения специальной оценки условий труда 2018 (1098.8 Kb)
Consolidated statement of the results of a special assessment of working conditions (644.4 Kb)
Regulations on the children's art school of the North Caucasus State Institute of Arts (5753.7 Kb)
Regulations on the organization of training for people with disabilities and people with disabilities (391.3 Kb)
Information about transactions (433 Kb)
Information about transactions (536.9 Kb)
Information on the basic and additional educational programs that are being implemented, indicating the number of people studying at the expense of the federal budget and under contracts with payment of tuition fees (17.5 Kb)