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The Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "North Caucasus State Institute of Arts" (from 1990 to 1992 - the Nalchik branch of the Voronezh State Institute of Arts) was opened on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR of 04.10.1989, No. 337 and the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the KABSSR from 11/12/1989. In 1992, by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation, the branch was transformed into the North Caucasian State Institute of Arts No. 1398-r of July 31, 1992

The Institute is the center of musical culture and art of the North Caucasus, and since 2009 - the only federal educational institution of higher professional education in the North Caucasus Federal District. He prepared over 1350 pianists, opera and symphony conductors, choirmasters, composers, opera, chamber and folk singers, performers on orchestral strings, wind, percussion and folk instruments, actors in drama theater and cinema, directors of drama and television programs, instrumental, vocal-choral and choreographic collectives, culturologists. More than 200 of them became laureates and prize-winners of international, all-Russian performing competitions, 23 were awarded honorary titles in the field of culture and art. 9 graduates defended their thesis.

Graduates of the Institute are headed by many institutions, creative collectives and educational institutions of culture and art of the region and the region. Already for 23 years, most of the musicians of symphony orchestras of philharmonic and musical theaters, actors of drama theaters of the region (up to 40%), are graduates of the institute. In all musical schools, art colleges and music schools in the South of Russia, students of the Institute work.

In total, the Institute trains under the programs of higher education - 464 people, under the programs of secondary education - 151 people.

The university implements the following educational programs:

Higher Education: Cultural Studies, Instrumental Performance, Musical Instrument Art, Concert Performing Arts, Vocal Art, Folk Singing, Musical-Theatrical Art, Conducting, Composition, Musicology and Applied Arts (Ethnomusicology), Acting, Directing Cinema and Television , Folk art, Choreographic art, Social and cultural activity, Musical variety art, Literary creativity, Prod Yuschestvo, Directing theatrical performances and holidays.

Secondary education: Instrumental performance, Vocal art, Choral conducting, Music theory, Choreographic art, Dance art, Design, Social and cultural activities and folk art.

Programs of postgraduate education in the direction 24.00.01 Theory and history of culture.

Programs of additional education: preparation for admission to higher education, Professional retraining with additional qualification "Conductor of the orchestra of folk instruments, teacher", retraining and advanced training in the profile of the main educational programs.

The teaching staff is 102 people. Among the faculty there are 13 doctors of science, professors, 44 candidates of science, associate professors, in addition, 27 - having honorary titles in the field of culture, art and science, 27 - laureates and diploma winners of international and Russian competitions. The percentage of persons with academic degrees, scholars and honorary titles among the teaching staff is 67.9%, which indicates high qualitative characteristics of the teaching staff.

The high level of educational and creative work is evidenced by the victories of students at prestigious international and all-Russian competitions: in France, Bulgaria, Andrea Postacchini, Citta di Lanciano, Citta di Castelfidardo (Italy), Art of the XXI Century (Ukraine) , BELLA VOCE (Moscow), "Petro-Pavlovsky Assemblies of Harmonics" (St. Petersburg), "Antre-96" (St. Petersburg), vocalists competition named after. ON. Rimsky-Korsakov (St. Petersburg), the violin competition. A.I. Yampolsky (Moscow), the Vocalists' Competition. P. Lisitsian (Vladikavkaz), "Guitar Virtuosi" (St. Petersburg), "Many-sided guitar" (Moscow), North Caucasus Open Vocalists Competition named after. N. Gastasheva (Nalchik) and others.