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Postgraduate studies in the North Caucasus State Institute of Arts have existed since 2005. The postgraduate course operates on the basis of license 90L01 No.0008960 (registration No. 1927 of February 05, 2016).

Postgraduate studies in the North Caucasus State Institute of Arts have existed since 2005. The postgraduate course operates on the basis of license 90L01 No.0008960 (registration No. 1927 of February 05, 2016).

To the development of programs for the preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel in postgraduate study, persons who have an education of at least a higher education specialty or master's degree are allowed.

Admission to the postgraduate study of the SKSRI is carried out annually in accordance with the control admission figures approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Above the places defined by the control figures of admission, the training at which is free (budgetary training), the institute can provide the possibility of training on a contract basis (extrabudgetary training). Acceptance of documents and enrollment to contractual training take place in the same terms as for budgetary training.

Duration of study:

full-time post-graduate student - 3 years

part-time post-graduate student - 4 years

Postgraduate students of the Institute are involved in fundamental and applied research within the framework of the scientific direction 24.00.01 "Theory and History of Culture" (51.06.01 "Culturology"), which ensures their professional development and the possibility of wide publication of scientific results of the thesis. The results of their research, young scientists regularly present at intercollegiate and international scientific conferences, in periodical scientific press, publish articles, abstracts, teaching aids.

From the moment of admission, graduate students are assigned to the chair of cultural studies, which provides scientific and methodological support for the preparation of a Ph.D. thesis. Scientific advisers of post-graduate students in most cases are appointed employees of the Institute, having the academic title of Doctor of Science, Professor.

Persons who successfully passed the state final attestation are given a diploma about the completion of the postgraduate course and the qualification of the "Teacher-researcher", confirming the receipt of higher education in the postgraduate program.

Persons who have mastered the training programs for scientific and pedagogical staff in graduate school and defended scientific and qualification work (a thesis) for the degree of candidate of science in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation are awarded the scientific degree of a candidate of science in the corresponding specialty of scientific workers and are awarded a candidate of science degree.

Persons who did not pass the state final attestation or received unsatisfactory results at the state final certification, as well as persons who have mastered part of the postgraduate program and / or expelled from the institute, are issued a certificate of education or the period of study.

This procedure of the state final certification of graduate students is effective from January 1, 2014 and concerns people entering postgraduate study from 2014.

The Fundamental Library has an extensive literature fund on the specialty, which is regularly updated on the basis of studying and analyzing curricula, programs, research topics, readership demand. The Institute has contracts for the use of the polygraphic base of the publishing house M. and V.Kotlyarovs LLC "Polygraphservice and T", produces collections of scientific papers, where the work of graduate students and young scientists can be published. The postgraduate students are provided with unlimited access to the Institute's information resources, databases, Russian and foreign electronic libraries.