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Analysis of musical works
Vocal Performance
Genetics and Culture
Geopolitics in the North Caucasus
Makeup 4 к
Documentary film
Duetno-scenic dance
Computer science
The history of homeland
History of jazz music
History of design
History and culture of the peoples of the North Caucasus
History of art
History of string instrument performance
History of Cinematography
History of the costume
History of Culture
History of Literature
History of world civilizations
History of Myths and Religions
History of music
The history of folk songs.
History of science
History of Russian Culture
History of religion
History of the theater
History of television
History of philosophy
History of folklore studies and ethnomusicology
History of piano art
History of choreography
The history of choral music of the North Caucasus
The history of choral music
History of aesthetics
Source Studies and Historiography
Italian language
Caucasian etiquette
Chamber ensemble (pianoforte)
Cine-camera equipment
The concept of modern natural science
Culture and way of life of the peoples of the North Caucasus
Culture of everyday life
Cultural anthropology 3 k.
Latin language
Marketing in Education
Mastery of the actor of drama theater and cinema
Mastery of the director of television
Mastery of the choreographer
Culture Management
Technique for learning to play the piano
Methodology of teaching folk singing
Methods of organizing extracurricular activities
Technique of teaching folk-stage dance
Methodology of teaching special disciplines
Technique of working with the choir
Technique of editorial work
Mythology in the North Caucasus
Music Acoustics
Musical Informatics
Musical culture of the peoples of the North Caucasus
Musical Psychology
Musical performance and pedagogy (piano)
Folk musical creativity
Folk art culture of the peoples of the North Caucasus
People's art crafts of the peoples of the North Caucasus
Folk art crafts of the North Caucasus
Folk dance
Tuning and repair of wind instruments
Tuning and repair of stringed instruments
Setting up and repairing pianos
National dramaturgy
National Dance
National choreographic ensemble
life safety fundamentals
Processing and systematization of folkloro-ethnographic materials
Operator skills
Organizational-creative work with a vocal-ethnographic collective
Theatrical organization in Russia
Basics of journalism
Fundamentals of Cinematographic Excellence
Fundamentals of Museum Affairs
Fundamentals of Musicology
Basics of camera skills
Basics of directing work
Basics of advertising activities
The Basics of Dance Drama
Fundamentals of phoniatrics
Basics of economic theory
Pedagogical work with the creative team
Planning and organization of cultural institutions
Plastic educated. Dance
Plastic education. Stage movement
Political science
Statement of voice
The practice of working with the choir
Preservation of cultural and cultural heritage 4 k.
Protection of natural and cultural heritage
Psychology and pedagogy
Psychology of artistic activity
Regional studies
TV ads
The native literature
Native language
Russian language
Semiotics and linguistics
Collection and decoding
Modern Harmony
Modern information resources
Modern Opera House
Sociology of Culture
Special tool (folk instruments)
Certificate of availability
Scenario Skills
Scenic speech
Dance and methods of teaching classical dance
Theory and history of folk art culture
Theory and history of choreographic art
Theory and practice of installation
Theory of a musical folklore
Technology and technology of TV
Personnel Management
Oral folk art of the peoples of the North Caucasus
Physical Culture
Philosophy of Culture
Folklore of the peoples of the North Caucasus
Folklore Studies
Choral arrangement
Doing business
Reading from a sheet (piano)
Elementary theory of music